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"We strive to be the zenith of fine custom jewellery in Canberra.
Our commitment to excellence, access to the very best materials and attention to customer care is what defines our reputation. "

Canberra Centre Jewellers

Arnold Co. Jewellers is a family owned collective of local master Canberra jewellers, recognised gemologists and bridal specialists who work as a team to learn, design and create fully custom jewellery for our diverse range of clientele.

Specialised in bringing to life wholly unique jewellery, custom designed to your specifications before being smithed into a timeless piece which will last generations. Our unique heritage and pedigree gives our jewellery status, as having your jewellery created with Arnold & Co. is not just to seek the very best in jewellery smithing, but also to share in a continuing story of artisanal history

We pride ourselves on being local Canberra jewellers who have provided the highest quality jewellery and symbols of love to our community for over a decade. We are the also the proud sponsors of local charities and fundraising events, offering up our jewellery as incentive for donations.

Canberra Centre Jewellery

Our Philosophy

Each and every piece of jewellery we smith adheres to four simple creative principles: