Autore Pearls Star Cluster Pendant


18k White Gold with White Diamonds (0.014ct) Violet Sapphires (1ct) and 16mm Baroque South Sea Pearl.

This AUTORE piece is from the Stars & Galaxies Collection. Stars & Galaxies invokes the beauty of the universe through an interpretation of interstellar connections that are invisible to the naked eye.


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Believed to be the daughter of the moon, the pearl has been symbolically linked to the guardian of our tides for millennia, The powers of the moon drive the giant tides of the tropical waters where AUTORE’s South Sea pearls are born – a powerful association which lies at the heart of the inspiration of our ‘Stars & Galaxies’ collection.

Every piece of Autore jewellery is supplied with an authenticity certificate highlighting the 5’s characteristics of a pearl. They are Shine, Surface, Shape, Shade, Size. This certificate assures you of the grading of the pearl and our commitment to protecting the unique environment which produces these wonderful gifts of nature. Your piece of jewellery will also come with and Autore box, pouch, Pearl care guide and polishing cloth.

AUTORE jewellery has been worn by celebrities around the world including Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson, and has received some of the industry’s highest honours including Vogue Best New Jewellery Collection Baselworld (Spain); Couture Design Award for Best Pearl Design 4 times (US); Designer of the Year (UK), and Veranda Art of Design Award (US).


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White Gold, White Diamonds