• Arnold & Co. Designs. Select from a wide range of unique pre-made custom designs by our respected jewellers. 
  • Assisted Custom Design. With guidance from our specialist jewellery staff, look at reference pieces to mix and march design elements into a unique piece of jewellery. 
  • Full Custom Design. Work along side our custom jewellery specialists to produce from scratch a concept design to be brought to our capable jewellers. 

Quotes on Arnold & Co. Custom Made Jewellery are FREE

No matter what type of personalized service you choose, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service. We do this by consulting closely with you about your requirements before using advanced 3D modelling software to provide specific examples of the end result.

If you choose to have the final design done by us, there is no charge for design and 3D modelling services. Even if you don't have a specific design in mind but want a unique item, we can help you understand what features you like and how best to implement them to get the end result you know you'll love.

Many of us have pieces of jewellery that we no longer wear, either because the style is outdated or due to damage that makes them unwearable. Our team of experts can help you give your old or broken jewellery a second life by making it completely unique and new jewellery.


Custom Designed Jewellery

We specialise in custom designed jewellery. We will work with you to create a bespoke design that will mark a special moment in time.