Specialty Bridal Jewellery

Engagement rings and wedding bands are what we do best, and there's nothing we love more than helping you find the perfect rings for your special day. We also offer bridal sets, which are tailored to your needs and can include earrings, cuff-links and more. Quotes on our specialty bridal jewelry are always obligation-free.

Design and Create Custom Jewellery Locally

 We design and create custom jewellery locally in Canberra. We offer a fully boutique custom jewellery design service where you can create jewellery from scratch. All quotes on custom designed jewellery are obligation free, with concept design costs deducted from the final cost of the piece.

Remodel or Recycle Old Jewellery

Many of us have pieces of jewellery that we no longer wear, either because the style is outdated or due to damage that makes them unwearable. Our team of experts can help you give your old or broken jewellery a second life by making it completely unique and new jewellery. Remodel the piece into something you will love and wear! Reuse the materials you have to make your new dream piece. Consultation and quotes are free.

Jewellery Repairs

We are happy to take in your jewellery to be repaired to make it right again. All quotes on jewellery repairs are obligation free.

Q-Report Jewellery Insurance

We understand the great emotional and financial value jewellery holds for our customers, which is why we recommend Q-Report Jewellery Insurance. As Australia's most trusted jewellery insurance provider, Q-Report offers comprehensive coverage and commited service to ensure peace of mind for the jewellery owner. We encourage our customers that are interested in jewellery insurance to follow the below link to learn more about Q-Report Jewellery Insurance.