Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, giving an indication of its size.
When you're shopping at Arnold & Co Jewellers you can be assured that all of our diamonds are not just selected by the carat weight but also in conjunction with specific measurements providing optimal symmetry and brilliance.


A diamond’s sparkle is dependent on its cut grade. A diamond that has been cut with perfect proportions and symmetry will sparkle like no other. Light enters the diamond and refracts, creating a fiery sparkle that dances within the diamond and out to capture your eyes. However, if a diamond's symmetry and proportions are not extraordinary, it will not refract light to its maximum potential; therefore, the sparkle will not be as brilliant. Selecting an Arnold & Co Jewellers Excellence diamond will ensure your diamond will sparkle far beyond those with lower cut grades. Selecting a Very Good Cut diamond will ensure a brilliant sparkle at a more affordable price. Arnold & Co Jewellers hand selects each and every diamond, so if you decide to choose a Good Cut diamond, you will still be amazed at the sparkle your diamond displays.


The Colour Grade refers to the lack of colour, or “whiteness” of a diamond. Diamonds with no visible colour are the most sought after in this category. Our Gemologist recommends you select diamonds within the ranges of D to G for their superior colourless appearance. A diamond's colour particularly becomes apparent when it is set in white metal. At Arnold & Co Jewellers we only source the finest diamonds within the colourless or near colourless grading.


The grade determining any minute natural inclusions visible in your diamond. Clarity measures the size and number of microscopic inclusions which form naturally within a diamond. These organic birthmarks are graded from FL/IF ( Flawless or Internally Flawless) to SI2 (slightly included 2). Arnold & Co Jewellers only hand selects diamonds with no visible inclusions with the naked eye, ensuring that the natural inclusions are only visible through microscopic magnification. Our resident Diamond gemologists have chosen these diamonds for their exceptional radiance and clarity, ensuring you fall in love with an extraordinary diamond full of sparkle and light.